Updated Menu and Delivery Options

Due to the ongoing community quarantine, we only accept orders for take out/pick up/delivery at our establishment.

We are open from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are located at Ellen’s Tuna Queen, South Street, DBP Village (Behind S&R Shopping), Matina, Davao City.

You may call us ahead at (082) 297-5054 (landline), 0961-120-6349 (Smart) or 0922-423-6829 (Sun) for faster transactions.

For delivery, you may call KUYA JUAN DELIVERY:
(082) 333-6452/324-8181 (Landline) or 0921-370-6111 (Smart) or 0927-558-3583 (Globe).

Our short orders for take out include (items are subject to availability):

Tuna tail Paksiw (Pakfry):                                       ₱280

Tuna Sisig with salted egg:                                      ₱180

Pork Sisig with salted egg:                                       ₱250

Lechon Kawali:                                                          ₱70/100 grams

Grilled Pork Liempo:                                                ₱90

Pork Barbeque:                                                         ₱75

Kinilaw (tuna) with salted egg:                             ₱150

Sinuglaw with salted egg:                                       ₱240

Pork Adobong Puti                                                  ₱120

Humba (pork knuckles)                                         ₱120

Pork Binagoongan                                                   ₱120

Beef Calderetta                                                         ₱120

Pochero (beef) soup                                                ₱120

Bistek Tagalog (tenderloin) with Rice                 ₱130

Porterhouse Steak with Rice                                 ₱100/100 grams

Tuna Pasta                                                                 ₱250

Bihon Guisado (pork)                                             ₱170

Pancit Canton (pork/chicken)                               ₱170

Sotanghon Guisado (pork)                                    ₱170

Durian Yema                                                            ₱90/pack

Polvoron (with mango chips)                               ₱75/pack

In bottle:

Laing                                                                        ₱180/bottle

Shrimp Paste (Bagoong)                                       ₱110/bottle



Pork Tocino                                                          ₱175/pack (500 grams)

Pork Chorizo                                                        ₱175/pack (500 gram)

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